A Bit About Me…

My practice is ‘food first’. A healthy diet doesn’t have to be boring, tasteless or hard to do.  I’m super passionate about the power of food because it can improve your mood & wellbeing. And I get it if food and cooking doesn’t excite you one bit – I have some simple tips to incorporate more nutrition in your day.

I know you love finding out more about your health concerns like healthy weight loss, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, Hashimoto’s, rosacea, hot flushes and perimenopause, anxiety and depression and information on diets, herbs, nutrients, mindset and lifestyle approaches to getting (and staying!) healthier.  I love it too and when you sign up to my newsletter or social channels you’ll learn more.

Like me, you are really interested in healthy ageing and keeping an eye on the factors associated with age related decline.

You know that individualised nutrition & diet therapy is the future of nutrition, and this is where we use genetic testing such as SmartDNA to discover your predisposition to develop various conditions.

Naturopathy is a 4 year Health Science degree and I know you want to make sure your health is in the best hands and that’s why I’m a member of the NHAA – the oldest complementary medicine association in Australia.

What is Grey Area Drinking?

I’m a Wellness & Sober Coach and work with people whose drinking falls in the grey area between the social and damaging drinking zone and find their intake affects their work, family life or health. They wouldn’t be assessed as having Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and are able to give up alcohol for periods of time but may not stay ‘stopped’, thinking it’s ok to have some fun and moderation is achievable for them.

Not all people need to quit drinking. But for some, the cycle of drinking, bingeing, ruminating about giving up or carrying shame or regret might be a sign to re-evaluate.

My focus is supporting people in the grey area physiologically by soothing the nervous system, feeding the good gut bugs, giving the liver, kidney’s and digestive tract some love and building in resilience and self care strategies to give the body some well needed nourishment.

My practice does not treat those with AUD or advocate quitting ‘cold turkey’ due to withdrawal issues and cases like this are best addressed in the medical system.

For some, the cycle of drinking, bingeing, ruminating about giving up or carrying shame or regret might be a sign to re-evaluate.

You want to be a well+being

  • Waking refreshed & without really needing those coffees for fuel to get going (+ keep on going)
  • Having enough energy & headspace to do all those things like…
    Some movement, be it walking, yoga, Pilates, aerobics class, golf
  • Feeling content and not needing a drink to soothe your soul and calm your brain
  • Sleeping well
  • Eating healthier and not reaching for junk food
  • Coping with hot flushes and perimenopause
  • Feeling fitter & happier with your weight

Let’s start!

Because you are so wonderfully unique, your health history, vision and goals are a lot to unpack in just one session.  So, our introductory $249 consult consists of 2 sessions: a one hour initial and 30 min return which you can book here.

We use this time to go through things like your baseline health issues, check in on physical assessments and then take a deep dive into what wellbeing means for you.  This helps identify the areas you want to work on, develop goals and an appropriate treatment plan.

Follow up $95 consultations are generally 30 minutes long.  Some people need more support to make changes initially, these can be scheduled weekly and buying the healthiest 6 pack (6 appointments!) you’ll ever come across will make this more affordable for you.

Otherwise, returns are scheduled several weeks after the initial consults so we can assess the outcomes of any herbal treatment, nutritional supplementation, dietary changes, and lifestyle advice.

Return consults provide an opportunity to discuss improvements made and roadblocks stopping you from achieving your monthly goals. My approach is patient-centric but it does require you to undertake a process of change and may include ‘homework’ such as a diet diary.  It is difficult to say how long you will need to see a Naturopath for as some conditions are more chronic than others and require a longer treatment process.  Some conditions respond favourably to treatment within the short term while others may take more time to address.

Any questions?  Look at the FAQ’s or book a 10 minute discovery call now.


Check out the FAQs or book a 10 minute discovery call now.