Frequently Asked Questions


Can I claim a health fund rebate?

Samantha is registered with the National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA). Health funds do not provide insurance coverage for Naturopathy consults at this time.

How long do I need to see a Naturopath for?

It is difficult to say how long you will need to see a Naturopath for as some conditions are more chronic than others and require a longer treatment process. As a general guide, traditional Naturopaths believe that for each year you have had a condition, it requires at least a month of treatment. Some conditions respond favourably to treatment within the short term (bloating and digestive issues), while other issues may take more time to address.

Why is the initial consult longer?

The initial consult is longer to ensure there is adequate time to take your individual case history & family medical history, discuss your current health issues and record initial physical assessments. As Naturopaths seek to identify the underlying cause(s) of your ill health, getting a good understanding of your health history is important to formulate appropriate treatment strategies.

What costs can I expect in addition to consult fees?

While Naturopaths prefer patients to make dietary and lifestyle changes to improve their health, factors such as increased nutrient turnover, poor absorption, stress, inflammation, dietary constraints, genetic polymorphisms and ongoing disease states may respond favourably to herbal medicine or nutritional supplementation. A weekly amount of liquid herbs costs $40-$60 and nutritional supplements vary in price from $20-$90. Please discuss any budgetary constraints with your Naturopath during the consult so an appropriate treatment plan may be developed.

Do you treat people from countries other than Australia?

I am currently only treat people from Australia. 

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